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All my worst nightmares at once.

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KNOWhomo’s Quarterly Survey

After a gathering with friends last month, we started to discuss what “labels” we use when describing ourselves to our peers and other members of the LGBTQ* family. There was also discussion about terms that are slowly disappearing from our lexicon (or evolving into a more inclusive term).

The KNOWhomo.tumblr Team would love your insight and we have created a brief survey (3 questions in length).

The survey is anonymous but we ask that you answer it sincerely. We also ask that if you are comfortable sharing the link with your peers, please do so. We would like to break 250 individuals and create a Tumblr KNOWhomo series of graphs/infographs. We can only do this with your help.

If you are a prominent Tumblr page (representing the LGBTQ* community, not a personal page), PM us your page so we can credit those who get the information out. 

Keep On, Keeping On!


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Only 5 days left guys! The kickstarter ends April 21st 2014, so if you can check it out and donate a couple dollars or spread the word, that would be super helpful!

Sam only needs about $500 more to be able to print the third issue.




the best and most accurate thing

This literally NEVER gets old.

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A new survey conducted exclusively for BuzzFeed found that as more advertisers are featuring depictions of LGBT people in their ads, more Americans are getting on board.

Here are a couple of key points taken from the survey of 500 people:

  • 80% agreed that “showing gay or lesbian people in ads simply reflects the reality of our society today”
  • 60% agreed that “brands that show same-sex couples are being appropriately inclusive” 
  • 57% said “it’s cool when I see same-sex couples in ads”
  • 40% said “TV ads are no place for same-sex couples” 
  • 72% said they consider brands with LGBT-inclusive ads “brave”

The article linked above explains more about the survey data, while this longer BuzzFeed article dives deeper into how brands are using inclusive advertising to reach out to more audiences. As GLAAD’s Sarah Kate Ellis said, “It’s about time my children were able to turn on the television and see families like their own represented in mainstream advertising.”

What do you think?





imagine eating one of those in public. you make eye contact with someone. lick it a couple more times. swirl your tongue around. AND THEN YOU BITE IT IN HALF.

tumblr is such an interesting place to look at in public

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These are seriously incredible. If your mind isn’t absolutely blown by this dude’s art or you find reality TV more entrancing, I just don’t know what hope there is for you. 

"Matthew Albanese’s fascination with film, special effects and movie magic—and the mechanics behind these illusions—began early.  Born in northern New Jersey in 1983, Albanese spent a peripatetic childhood moving between New Jersey and upstate New York. An only child, Albanese enjoyed imaginative, solitary play. He loved miniatures and created scenarios intricately set with household objects and his extensive collection of action figures. After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photography at the State University of New York, Purchase, Albanese worked as a fashion photographer, training his lens on bags, designer shoes and accessories—this small-object specialization is known in the retail trade as “table top photography.” Albanese’s creative eye soon turned to tabletop sets of a more wildly eclectic nature. In 2008, a spilled canister of paprika inspired him to create his first mini Mars landscape. More minute dioramas—made of spices, food and found objects—followed. In 2011, Albanese was invited to show at the Museum of Art and Design of New York. His work has also been exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Winkleman Gallery, and Muba, Tourcoing France. Matthew is represented  at Bonni Benrubi Gallery in New York"

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